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Herbal Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Initial Holistic Health Consultation

This initial consultation integrates Functional Medicine, Foundational Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. During this one-hour virtual or in person session, we will comprehensively address your health concerns and review your medical history, both past and present. Together with your provider, you will devise a personalized plan of action, encompassing supplement protocols, dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and recommended lab tests. This service is designed for individuals seeking a thorough exploration of their health concerns, those fatigued by persistent illness, or those aiming to proactively enhance and optimize their well-being. The cost of this consultation is $275, excluding any additional charges for labs or supplements.

Follow-Up Holistic Health Consultation

The follow-up appointment is a focused 30-minute session aimed at revisiting and refining your personalized treatment plan established during the initial consultation. This session will allow you to discuss your progress, address any challenges or questions, and make adjustments to your plan as needed. It's an opportunity to fine-tune the strategies laid out in your initial consultation, ensuring that your health journey remains on track. This follow-up service is priced at $135, providing you with continued support and guidance on your path to optimal well-being.

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