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Transform Your Health with the Functional Health Detox Program

Image by Kelsey He

Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to wellness that prioritizes your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Our Functional Health Detox Program isn't just another cleanse; it's a carefully crafted, science-based protocol designed to repair and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

A unique combination of functional blood tests, a tailored supplementation roadmap, and expert guidance over a four-month period makes this program like no other. If you feel burdened by persistent health issues, or you're simply a wellness enthusiast looking for proactive measures to optimal health, our program is design

1-1 Consultations

Functional Labs

Four Month Protocol

Image by Kelsey He

How It Works

Initiate Your Wellness Journey

Begin with an initial consultation to align your health concerns with your goals. Delve into a comprehensive analysis of your functional medicine tests, including a detailed blood analysis. Throughout the four-month program, benefit from three structured follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and adjust your personal roadmap as necessary.

Comprehensive Functional Testing

Evaluate your body's functional status with a suite of tests including: Environmental Toxin, Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals (Creatinine), Gut Health full blood panel ect. depending on your health status and goals.

Structured Phases

Navigate through the 'Roadmap to Health,' a structured series of steps and phases tailored to your unique needs, focusing on:

  1. Mitochondrial Energy and Drainage Support

  2. Digestive Tract Focus

  3. Deeper Tissue Support for the Immune System

  4. Detoxification of Chemicals and Toxins

  5. Cleaning Up Remaining Pathogens

This step-by-step approach ensures each critical function of detoxification is addressed, setting the foundation for a rejuvenated and vibrant state of health.


Month 1 — Increase Cellular Energy & Open Drainage Pathways

Month 2 — Gut & Immune Support

Month 3 — Whole Body Immune Support

Month 4 — Systemic Detox

Personalized Attention

Personalized Attention: Every aspect of your program, from consultation to supplementation, is customized to align with your body's specific needs.

Root Cause Focus

Root Cause Focus: Our approach doesn't just mask symptoms but targets the root causes underlying various health conditions. We use Functional Lab Tests to take a deep look into your body's toxin load and gut health to tailor your detox experience with precision.

Top-of-the-Line Products

We work with CellCore Biosciences, ensuring you receive only the highest quality, scientifically formulated supplements.

Inclusive All-In-One Program:

 We provide an all-encompassing detox solution, eliminating the guesswork and making your path to wellness clear and manageable.

Who You Are


Health Enthusiasts and Wellness Seekers: Drive your passion for optimal health with our sophisticated program.


Individuals Dealing with Chronic Illness: Chart a course to relieve chronic infections, fatigue, gut issues, or persistent inflammation.


Toxin Overload and Environmental Exposures: Address high environmental toxin exposure in your living or working environments.


Holistic Wellness Advocates: Forge a holistic path to wellness that incorporates diet, detox, and targeted supplementation.


Integrative Medicine Openness: Combine the best of conventional and alternative therapies for a personalized, multi-faceted health plan.

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