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Seed To Sprout Fertility Method

Master the essentials of fertility and conception with the Seed to Sprout Fertility Method Course

Are you ready to optimize your fertility?

Dear Future Parents,

If you want to overcome fertility struggles...

The ability to conceive naturally and swiftly - in a LOT LESS TIME…

Or even if you just want peace of mind and confidence in your fertility journey, then this will be the most important thing you’ll read all year!

Here’s why…

Because with our Seed to Sprout Fertility Method, knowing the right approach to optimizing your reproductive health can mean the difference between frustration and fulfillment in your journey to parenthood.

Mother and Baby
Imagine if...

You could finally understand the mysteries of your body and fertility, with clear, research-backed supplement protocols designed for all different scenarios and conditions.


Picture understanding the perfect timing for conception, knowing the foods that nourish your fertility, and having a roadmap of important lab tests to navigate effortlessly.

Envision having a dedicated coach, someone who's guided countless women like you to natural conception success.

Accessing a wealth of resources and a comprehensive program that not only addresses the mind-body connection but also explores detoxification, all conveniently provided in one place.

Now, Imagine the empowerment and confidence that comes with having it all at your fingertips, helping you pave the way to your dream of parenthood.

Now Accepting Applications! 

For a limited time, enroll at the special discounted rate of $197 and embark on a transformative experience designed to empower you with knowledge and strategies for achieving your fertility goals.


Hi I'm Melissa!

Hello, I'm Dr. Levy, and I specialize in holistic fertility and wellness. With experience as an acupuncture physician focusing on reproductive health, overall wellness, and gut health, I'm also certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, Health Coach, and Fertility Coach.

As the owner of Integrative Wellness Center of Jacksonville, I'm passionate about blending Eastern and Western medicine principles to provide comprehensive care. My goal is to guide you on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness and optimal fertility. Let's ignite the change you've been yearning for

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What you will learn

Timing and Cycle Education

Learn to track your cycle effectively and maximize your chances of conception by understanding your menstrual cycle.

Nutrition and Supplements

 Discover fertility-boosting foods and the role of supplements in optimizing reproductive health

Gut Health's Role

 Explore how gut health impacts fertility and learn strategies to improve gut health for better reproductive outcomes.

Mind-Body Connection

  Understand the link between mental well-being, stress, and fertility, and learn techniques to manage stress for improved fertility

Detox and Wellness

Dive into detoxification practices that support reproductive health and overall well-being.

Functional Lab Testing

 Discover the benefits of functional lab testing in assessing fertility and hormone levels for personalized fertility care.

Special Conditions Module

Gain insights and strategies for addressing fertility challenges related to specific health conditions, tailored to your unique needs.

Special Conditions Module

 Learn actionable steps and techniques you can do at home to boost fertility and improve your chances of conception naturally.

Expertise in Multiple Fields

Created by a coach with expertise as a fertility acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner, certified health coach, and certified fertility coach, offering a holistic approach that combines various disciplines for comprehensive fertility support.

Flexible Learning Experience

Enjoy a non-time-based program where you can access modules whenever you want. With the ability to jump to specific modules based on your needs, rewatch content as needed, and access a plethora of resources, you have the flexibility to tailor your learning journey according to your schedule and preferences.

Abundant Resources at an Unbeatable Price

 Benefit from a wealth of resources including videos, articles, and guides, allowing you to dive deep into topics of interest and utilize what you need to enhance your fertility journey effectively—all at an unbeatable price because we want to make it accessible to all.

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Does any of this
sound like you?

You’re struggling with fertility challenges.

You've been tirelessly trying to conceive without success. You feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice and information.

You're anxious about your reproductive health and future. You're tired of feeling hopeless on your fertility journey.


Well, that's exactly what you can learn with my course!

Be successful with your coaching strategy!

In this course you will learn how to master Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Video Production and many more.

I teach you everything you need to create a powerful online presence for your business.

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Our  power  package

Packed with step-by-step training sheets, time-saving templates and helpful online resources, this course will help you to drive your brand to new heights!

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Let's get started!

Join Our Beta Program at a Special Limited-Time Price of $197!

Act fast and secure your spot as a beta tester for only $197. This exclusive offer won't last long! Once the beta phase ends, the price will increase to $497. Don't miss out—apply now, as only a select few will be accepted into the Beta round at this discounted rate. Hurry and seize this opportunity today!

Our Exclusive Packages

Sign up today to get the discounted bundle offer!

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