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Comprehensive Fall Detox Program


Embark on a transformative fall detox journey to revitalize your body and mind. Say goodbye to persistent headaches and wardrobe woes. This detox offers a clear path to release toxins and achieve optimal well-being. It includes a comprehensive detox guide, seasonal grain-free recipes, meal plans, a personal food diary, and expert support from Dr. Levy. Experience the freedom of a healthier you and embrace the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, aligning with nature's rhythms for vitality and balance. Prepare for fall with our 3-phase detox: Pre-Detox (4 Days): Gradually reduce certain foods. Detox (7 Days): Cleanse, boost energy, and release toxins. Transition (7 Days): Reintroduce foods smoothly. Our Fall Detox is not a deprivation or starvation diet. It's an elimination process thoughtfully designed to guide you in removing and reintroducing foods gradually. We provide a comprehensive package: Guided Elimination: You'll eliminate and then slowly reintroduce foods under expert guidance. Shopping Lists: We make it easy with detailed shopping lists. Recipe & Meal Plans: Enjoy delicious meals with our provided recipes and meal plans. Vegetarian & Omnivore Options: Choose between vegetarian and omnivore meal plans to suit your preferences. Gut Health Education: Gain insights into gut health and overall well-being through our educational resources. Prepare for fall with a nourishing detox that supports your body and provides valuable knowledge.

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