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Plant Based Wellness Plan


Welcome to our comprehensive resource for plant-based living! Explore the following modules to enhance your vegan journey: 1. Plant-Based Vegan Recipe Pack: Discover 30 delicious and nutritious meals crafted from clean, whole ingredients. Each recipe comes with a detailed breakdown of calories and macros. No artificial meats or cheeses - only pure, plant-based goodness. 2. Four Week Meal Plan: Take the guesswork out of your meals with our four-week meal plan. Based on the recipes from the Recipe Pack, it includes a complete grocery list with precise amounts for each week. Enjoy convenience and healthy eating all in one. Healthy Vegan Protein Guide: Learn how to incorporate more protein into your vegan diet healthily. Top Vegan Prebiotic and Probiotic Guide: Nurture your gut microbiome with essential information. Vegan Supplement Cheat Sheet: Find out which supplements most vegans need and discover vegan-friendly options. Brain Boosting Add-Ons: Elevate your cognitive health with these simple additions to your diet. Welcome to a world of vibrant health and delicious plant-based living! Dive into our modules to kickstart your journey towards a healthier, happier you.


IWC Holistic Health Hub, $12.00/month

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